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June 26 
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Nick Pelle

Nick Pelle
GolfTEC Minnetonka
12400 Wayzata Blvd (Inside Golfsmith)
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Accepted Payment

Local checks accepted
Non-local checks accepted
General Information
Classification: Director of Instruction, PGA Teaching Professional
Facility: GolfTEC Minnetonka
I have been with GolfTEC now for over 4 years and I have been teaching golf for over 6 years. I originally started with GolfTEC in Westminster, where I worked under the 2003 Colorado Section Teacher of the Year and 2005 Colorado Section Teacher of the Year. I have taken that experience to help golfers in Minnesota. Since my time with GolfTEC, I have taught over 5000 individual lessons and have helped numerous of my students to play their best golf. I’ve worked with a wide range of golfers, anywhere from beginner to touring professional. My goal is to help each golfer to reach their full potential on the golf course and to thoroughly enjoy their time playing golf. I believe that playing your best golf is a lifetime commitment and work toward helping you play your best golf for a very long period of time, not just for your next round. The process to improvement begins with the Initial Evaluation. During this session, we will explore your current game and get an understanding of where you’d like your game to be. From there, we’ll sit down and discuss your golf swing, and show you what is holding you back from becoming a better golfer. I will then set up a game plan and recommend a lesson program for you based upon your swing flaws and your goals. Lesson programs range from 5 to 52 and the program is dependant on your commitment level and your goals. Through my lessons, we will use 2 camera digital video, computerized motion analysis, biofeedback reinforcement, PGA Tour pro comparisons, and WebLessons to help you to play your best golf. Expect to Improve.
Teaching Philosophy:
GolfTEC’s patented SEVA-Pro System is unique in the golf industry, offering a fact-based approach that eliminates the guesswork from the process: - Digital video: Allows your coach to see more than the human eye can retain in a 1-second swing - Motion Analysis: A small harness provides accurate measurements of the exact position of your body throughout the swing. This, synchronized with the video, allows us a perfect assessment of your exact position at every critical point in the swing motion. - Biofeedback: Small audio tones are used to positively and negatively reinforce behavior and reinforce the learning process. - Tour Database: We have researched and measured the swings of over 150 touring professionals to better define which body positions best generate a quality swing. While every tour pro is different, they all share many fundamental swing qualities that result in consistent play. This provides an accurate benchmark to measure your position throughout your swing. WebLesson® Retention System: We post every lesson online to allow each client to relive their lesson anytime 24/7. Clients see swings from their lesson, hear actual commentary from their coach, use video drills that can be done at home and read notes about their swing. This is the perfect reinforcement tool to maximize an efficient and effective learning process!
One Hour:  
Half Hour:  
Video Analysis: GolfTEC’s patented SEVA-Pro System
Lesson Policy:
Cancel Policy: 24 hour courtesy call requested

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